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 Wobbler ROOM Lets Get Going!  


Wobbler's, lets get going! 
Our Wobbler room is for our babies who are steady on their feet and able to move about freely, so yes, its time for "Lets Get Going"! 
Our Babies usually progress to this room when they reach 18 months old or when they are ready, its a real adventurous place for babies where we help them explore their environment more by providing toys and materials appropriate to their age that help build and refine their motor skills.  
Our wobbler's have daily outdoor play in our play garden that helps further improve their motor abilities and our nature walks take in local areas such as play parks and gardens and educational visits.  
We continue to expand on our ‘just like home’ activities with our Hollypark Play, we include such play as: 
Messy play 
Nature walks and educational visits 
Quiet times 
Singing, music and dance 
Story time 
Role play 
Physical activities 
Building play for fine motor skills 
And so many more play times, the list is endless! 
Our Wobblers still avail of nap times during the day and of course, lots of cuddles freely given at all times. Although we support our children with their ever growing independence in our Wobbler Room we always remember that they are still just little babies who need all our love and care.  
The Wobbler room is a very active place with the day planned to perfection, team members moulding each day around their children ensuring that each little one is given all the devotion and attention they need.  
Please feel free to visit us and spend a little time in our Wobbler Room and see our Hollypark at Play. 
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