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Most people, as we at Hollypark do recognise and understand the title of Professional and most parents are more likely to have more confidence in a team of highly qualified people educating and caring for their children.  
However; we do realise that being an Early Years Professional is about more than just having certain academic qualifications - experience, a caring disposition and crucially, an in-depth understanding of child development are all vital. Professional Early Years Care and Education is absolutely critical to the success of any child's future. 
Hollypark nursery is Early Years Graduate led and taught and we believe that Early Years Professionals make a great difference for parents, who all want the best for their children. 
We offer more than just care, and we understand that education is more than academics, and areas such as physical development, music, creative arts and gardening are all equally important to children, ensuring they develop to their fullest potential. 
We believe we are raising the bar in Early Years and making a significant investment in the future of our Hollypark children by providing our Edu-Care Enrichment Programmes. 
These enrichment programmes are developed and woven into the daily curriculum to ensure that every child receives a well balanced, educational experience regardless of their age. 
Enrichment programmes help further children’s development on all levels which further promotes a well rounded “whole” child helping to support and prepare children for their future.  
For further information on our Enrichment programmes please contact Hollypark and will be delighted to assist you. 
All we do is play! 
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