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 Baby ROOM 

Our Hollypark Baby Room is perfectly prepared for your precious little one. It is an ideal home from home setting for babies from 6 weeks until they are confident, walking and steady on their feet. 

Our Baby Room is a very special place, it provides a very comfortable home-like environment for our little ones, its warm, safe, secure, just what our babies need.  
Our quiet sleep room is connected to the play room where each infant has their own allocated crib, when little ones are sleeping the crib room is monitored and staffed at all times. 
We care for 6 little ones in our baby room, making sure that each baby receives the care and attention that they need at this very important age.  
Our Hollypark Day includes “just like home” activities, such as neighbourhood walks, music and story time, and our infant play area provides a secure, stimulating environment that fosters exploration and the development of new skills. 
We follow each baby in their own individual routine so that secure, meaningful relationships can form and each infant's needs for attention, affection and routine in areas such as feeding and sleep times can be met. 
Our parents play a vital role in partnering with us to develop each infant’s individual schedule. Your baby’s day is recorded for you in our “crib notes” journal, so you have an accurate account of your baby’s day. 
Hollypark babies are provided with a variety of opportunities and activities indoors and outdoors, to explore, investigate and help promote their physical and emotional growth but most importantly of all, babies are given the individual love and care they deserve and need at this young age. 
Lots of one to one attention and encouragement are given, not forgetting the heaps of never ending cuddles, allowing each baby to settle easily and happily into our care.  
Our babies are from 6 weeks old and when they are ready and walking they can progress to our Wobbler Room, ready for more play. 
Come and visit us in our baby room and join our Hollypark Family today. 
Love... Laugh... Learn... 
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